DIY Chalk Board


Chalkboard paint is probably on my top 5 favorite list of things I love to repurpose with.But really though. You can use it for so many different purposes. I feel like every place I’ve lived…I have found some kind of frame or object that I look at and say “Oh that should be a chalkboard”.

So here is my most recent chalkboard endeavor. I found this old mirror, sans the mirror sitting against the dumpster in my apartment. Of course, it was ugly as can be but I knew I could spray paint it and give it a lil TLC. Since I always have spray paint, chalk paint, and brushes…this project was essentially free. But if you need to buy the materials, it should still cost you under $15-$20

What you Need:

Object to turn into a chalkboard- I suggest large frames from thrift stores or garage sales. Old mirror frames that the mirror has broken or in my case gone totally missing..

Spray paint of your choice, or paint

Chalkboard Paint

1-2 Paintbrushes




1.Spray paint two or 3 coats- not worrying about spraying where the chalkboard paint will go. You are going to cover it up, so being precise doesn’t matter. I use spray paint because it’s cheap, and super easy- but you can choose to use paint if you want. All about preference 🙂


Let dry.

2. You can free hand paint the chalkboard paint on, or tape off the area depending on how steady of a hand you have. I used a large one to paint the entirety, and then cut in with a small brush where I needed to detail.


Let dry. Write some fun quotes, figure out where it is going to go in your home! 🙂


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