Gold Leaf Vase

Metallic accents are a great way to add some pop to a space. Especially with Fall around the corner, these gold and copper pieces can add some holiday spirit to your home, and look expensive at the same time!


Gold Leaf Sheets

Gold Leaf Adhesive
Gold Leaf Sealer- or you can use a clear modge podge
Vase ( one you already own, or the dollar store or thrift store always has them for super cheap )

*Note: You can just use any type of paint, metallic or flat  rather than using gold leaf paper.


How To:

1. Coat about 1/3rd of the bottom half of the vase with the gold leaf adhesive and let sit until sticky and mostly dry.

2. Rip pieces of the gold foil and apply gently with a thin brush and your fingers. You want the edge to be rough and textured so no need to be perfect.

3. Brush off excess pieces with a dry brush and spray with the gold leaf sealer.




For an even easier alternative, you can pick this stuff up at your local craft store and gold leaf your home away!


Image result for gold leaf dipped vase


You can do this process to just about anything…vases, pots for plants, the possibilities are endless!

Image result for gold leaf dipped vase

Image result for gold leaf dipped vase


Image result for gold leaf dipped vase

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