Pallet Board Project

So living in Colorado, I’ve learned everyone seems to love the Colorado flag, the letter C….anything Colorado related! So over the weekend I got a hold of some pallets and started a few projects. Note: We went to Wal Mart & asked if we could take some pallets from the back that we saw stacked. They told us to go right ahead, but be sure to ask before just snagging pallets from behind businesses!



Sand Paper




First, sand down any edges & parts of the pallet that need to be smoothed out. Depending how you want it to look, will be the deciding factor on how much sanding and perfecting you want to do. I sanded mine down a bit, and then used some stain we got in the “Oops” section at the hardware store for $10. I only did one coat, but this is where you can get creative with the colors!



After one coat.

I then used fishing line to draw the line that goes through the middle. I also measured from the top and bottom to make sure it was even.


For the C, I used poster board and essentially cut out a huge stencil the size I wanted. I then free handed with a small paint brush, and filled in the C 🙂





And this is the finished product!

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